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Loving the Lord Your God with All Your Heart and with All Your Soul and with All Your Mind, and Your Neighbor As Yourself


The Churches’ Hellish Teaching About Hell
While the Bible says that most people are headed for the lake of fire, many of them don’t look as though they deserve a fire reserved for the devil and his angels. Evil men like Stalin or Hitler or serial killers might seem to qualify, but not the rank-and-file of people who seem to live basically decent lives.

How Should Christians Respond to the Prophets Whose Prophecies Failed?
This message was written soon after the American 2020 elections. Though this message is based on the prophecies about Trump, Bible believers can use the counsels given here to respond in the right way to any prophet at any time.

There is a Faith that Delivers and a Faith that Eventually Destroys the Believer
I wonder if there is a more disputed, a more misunderstood subject in Christianity than Faith. Perhaps Grace and Law may be a more discussed and more disagreed on subject, but Faith is certainly the most important and the most consequential of ununderstood and misunderstood subjects among Christians.

The Lover Who Longs to Hear Your Voice First Thing in the Morning
Have you ever fallen in love? If you have, was it not the most thrilling experience you have ever had until then? Every word your lover speaks to you, every syllable and sigh e utters, every call you get from em, every text you receive from em, they all have your utmost attention and interest, above everything else that happens that day.

Don’t Settle for Silver, But Be An Utmost Servant of God
Jesus describes two categories of people who will be in his Kingdom. The first category of people he called ‘the least in the Kingdom of God’. The other category, he said, will be called ‘great’ in the Kingdom. Now is the time to decide which category you want to be in.

Harmless Objects Or Accursed Articles Which You Keep in Your House?
Let me say at the outset that this message is not about icons and symbols used in worship by certain churches in Christianity, My message is about objects that every Christian should avoid because keeping them in the home, even as merely decorative items, is a clear violation of God’s commandments.

What you need today above everything else is peace
If you are going through some trouble today, I have an encouragement for you that can bring you what you need above everything else right now. Many preachers give encouragement from their knowledge of God’s Word, but when a preacher occasionally gives you encouragement from his direct experience of it, then there is an extra dimension of comfort and assurance in it.

Our Feelings Are Often Our Deadliest Enemy
Our feelings were created by our Maker for our utmost pleasure. But when man fell into sin, feelings became man’s second greatest enemy, after the Devil himself. It is only when a person has received the Holy Spirit, does the original purpose of feelings work in es life.

Are Prosperity Preachers Proclaiming the True Gospel?
Prosperity theology (sometimes referred to as the prosperity gospel or the health and wealth gospel) is a Christian religious doctrine that financial blessing is the will of God for Christians, and that faith, positive speech, and donations to Christian ministries will always increase one’s material wealth.

A Great Leader in the Church, But A Failure At Home
Among the greatest Godly leaders mentioned in the Bible are also the greatest failures as fathers. That seems like an impossible paradox. How can a man be great in his relationship with God while he is an utter failure in his home? But the mystery of truth is that such paradoxes do happen.

God’s Plan for Your Life Today
Whatever has happened to you in this life so far – all the troubles, all the sufferings, all the sins you committed, all the failures – happened within God’s specific plan for your life.

The Way of Acceptance
The author wrote that at one time in his life, adverse circumstances had so trampled him that he decided the less painful option for him was to take his life away. He devised a failproof way; swim out far into the sea until he ran out of stamina, and then, too exhausted to swim back to shore, sink.

Reduce the Pain of the Troubles in Your Life
If you are born of a woman, it is guaranteed that your life will be full of troubles. I wonder why prosperity preachers miss this verse. This should be the first thought of the man or woman who is embarking on the Christian journey, or who, having journeyed long, is now deeply in trouble.

Do The Opposite Of What You Naturally Want To Do
A Godly old woman I know had a constant problem. She had a maid who came daily in the morning and took care of all the cooking and other home chores. The old woman was fully satisfied with her maid in all aspects of her work, except in one area. Every day when the maid returned to her home, she took away with her a generous portion of the foodstuff she found in the aged woman’s house.

When Someone Does You Dirt, You Never Recover Until…
A man did dirt to my family many years ago. Until then he was an amiable neighbor to us. He owned a taxi, and we hired his services whenever we needed a car to go somewhere. Then one day, my mother had an acute heart problem and needed to be taken to the hospital immediately.

You will remain trapped in your troubles…until you surrender unconditionally
In warfare there is a conditional surrender and there is an unconditional surrender of one party to the other. Conditional surrender is usually called a truce. The two warring factions negotiate a ceasefire by each conceding something to the other, with the stronger faction demanding more concessions than offering.

“Help, Lord, For the Godly Man Ceases!”
There are few good men left in this generation. So choose your paths on earth carefully, and tread with caution where the wicked crosses your path.

“I’m Not As Steady At Walking”
Pursuing an active life had been second nature to me. With my optimism, good health and eyesight and the many opportunities I had been blessed with, I found new challenges a normal part of life. One day I was responsible for several hundred people in a large region, the next I was disabled and replaced.

“You don’t appreciate a lot of things until you come very, very close to losing them”
That title quote is from the novel The Last Days of America by Paul E Erdman. The book is a frightening tale of how an economic crisis could lead to major political upheavals and shifts in the global balance of powers, and bring civilization as we know it to the brink of extinction by nuclear holocaust.

Be Always Prepared to Live the Basic Life
What would you do when a disaster strikes your place and there is no electricity, water, basic facilities? No home. No food. We are living in a global civilization today that makes daily living convenient for the average person more than at any other time since the first human community formed.

Because He First Loved Us, Let Us Love Him First
If you are a parent, do you recall the time when your eyes first beheld your newborn child lying naked and helpless beside es1 mother?  The child was your own, issued from your own body and that of your wife. Even if the child knew you not then, your love for him or her was beyond words.

Yet I will continue to trust my Lord
I received a forward in my WhatsApp. It was from a man I know closely, a good man, but who lacks many good things in life. The forward contained a verse from the Bible, ‘Even strong young lions sometimes go hungry, but those who trust in the Lord will lack no good thing.’

God’s People, Do Not Choose the Wrong Career
This is a 2-part message that will provide some deep insights to every young man and young woman pondering their career path, and may even provide a new perspective to people who are already well-established in a profession or business.

Young Christian, Beware of the Glamor Industry
There is a saying in my native language Malayalam, stated when a person wants to send his milch cow to spend some time with a stud bull so it could conceive. He says, ‘I want to send her among the crowd’. Probably the saying originated from the fact that the cow is released among a herd of horny bulls waiting to pounce on any of their female kind straying into their midst.

Professions and Businesses That Every Man and Woman of God Should Avoid
Every profession and every business in this world has been infiltrated by Satan. I do not mean taken over by Satan or run by Satan, but affected and tainted by the devil to a greater or lesser extent. There is deception and evil influence – again to a greater or lesser extent – in every sphere of human endeavor.

The Final State of Maturity In A Christian’s Life
A Christian has reached the final state of his spiritual growth when he is able to keep Christ’s ‘command to persevere’. Because you have kept my command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.’   Rev 3:10

Why Temptations Don’t Seem to Go Away
By understanding exactly how temptations work in your conscious and subconscious mind, you can deal with it more effectively and more quickly.

How Many of Your Beliefs Are By Your Own Choice?
The average South Indian eats so much rice daily that it’s enough to keep a baby elephant alive. For the average North Indian, chapattis is the best staple for em. Why do they prefer these?