The Bible Made Plain


Are All The Old Testament Laws Abolished in the New Covenant?

I had just finished my message to a group of alumni students at the school where 15 years earlier I had worked as a teacher. I exhorted them to keep The 10 Commandments, which was the main thrust of my message. As I sat down, another invitee got up to speak, and his whole message was on bluntly refuting what I had exhorted the students to do.

If A Man Is Not Saved Before He Dies, Is He Lost Forever?

I have a question for those reading this message who have been believing till today that if a man is not saved before he dies God will cast him into hell to be roasted alive there forever and forever.

The Churches’ Hellish Teaching About Hell

Some years ago, during my morning walk, my thoughts were about the various religions of the world. Each religion has its own theme. There is a religion of fear, a religion of sex (phallic worship), a religion of legalism, a religion of hedonism, and even a religion of ultimate personal extinction, or nirvana.

Warning for Christians: The Devil Inserted This Verse In The Bible!

I believe in One God who is able to exist as different Persons. I believe in God the Father, in God the Son, and in God the Holy Spirit. Yes, I believe the Holy Spirit is God as another Person. But I also believe that the devil wants all Bible believers to believe in the Trinity.

There is a Faith that Delivers and a Faith that Eventually Destroys the Believer

Many sincere Christians are clinging to a deadly kind of faith.