Embrace the Fleeting Uniqueness of Today

From the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the moment you close them at night, you are encountering unique sights and sounds which never existed before in that form, in that shade, in that movement, in that degree. Everything, absolutely everything in the new day is a fresh never-before encounter for the discerning soul.

What do you behold first thing on waking – your spouse’s face, or the walls of your bedroom, or your disheveled bed, or your misshapen face in the mirror? Consider any sight, it is not the absolute same one who saw before you went to sleep. It looks the same only to the casual eyes. Consider the walls, uncountable number of molecules have changed position within them in the few hours since your eyes beheld them last. Many minute spots have appeared and disappeared from them, if you care to examine them under a magnifying glass. Beyond magnification are trillions of quantum particles which are attaching and detaching themselves from the walls every hour. Those four walls, or your bed, or your face, have never existed in that absolute state ever in the past, and it will not exist in this same state tomorrow, or the next moment.

But those are changes not observable in significant degree to the naked eyes. But why waste time on difficult-to-see changes of the new day. Nature is the best place for beholding easily observable sights that are unique to each day.

Every leaf, every flower of the plant in your yard, is a unique bouquet offered to you just for this new day, for it is unlike any given to you previously, if only your eyes are willing to clasp it. Every sound you hear from your garden is a welcoming salute to your arrival to this new day, composed in a unique combination of notes, rhythm, pitch, and loudness, if only your ears are willing to grasp it.

The greatest of all unique experiences of today are the fresh touches and hugs, the new murmurs and shouts, the never-before-heard laughters and exclamations, the never-before-seen movements and expressions, of the ones who love you and whom you love to see, hear, and touch above everything else in creation.

May the Architect of every minute and monumental change in creation, which brings new encounters every moment through eternity, inspire you to embrace all the unique gifts that today joyfully offers you.



Magnify The Lord In All That You Gaze Upon

The shallow thinker looks at a piece of creation, perhaps a tree, perhaps a rock, and it is but a prosaic part of the universe in his or her sight and thoughts. The disbelieving deep thinker looks at the same object and ponders. It is not satisfactory for es capacious mind to merely know that the observed object exists. E desires to know, first, how it happens to be there in that particular place, and second, why it exists in that particular form and function. E ponders and goes away, as usual, with the same unanswers, because e does not want to entertain the Creator in any of es thoughts. The deep thinker who has God as his or her constant companion, beholds the same object and ponders in the same manner of query as the disbeliever, and then extols es Creator for his awesome handiwork that wrought the form and function of a tree or a rock, or some other piece of creation e espied.

Wherever you go, whatever your eyes gaze upon there, if you will pause for a few seconds to give it a sharper look, and if you will spare a few moments to consider its contours and its causation, it brings your thoughts, even for those few seconds, in ecstatic harmony with God’s mind. Thus for you, the believing deep observer, God is literally magnified in all your thoughts, for you behold the wondrous work of God in all the elements of creation around you.

For both the unbelieving deep thinker and the profane shallow thinker, nothing e observes in the universe moves em enough to exult in its Creator. For in es wicked arrogance es thoughts will not admit of the Ultimate Reality of all things that are. ‘The wicked in his proud countenance does not seek God; God is in none of his thoughts.’ Ps 10:4

The next time you can spare a few seconds to stand still and ponder something your eyes have gazed upon at random, let your thoughts, during that brief moment, magnify the One who caused that object to be there in that precise location and in that particular form. You will be reminded again that he, your gentle and awesome Lord and Savior ‘created everything there is – nothing exists that he didn’t make.’ Jn 1:3 TLB

Remember to magnify His work,
which people have praised in song.
All humanity has seen it;
mortals gaze on it from afar.  Job 36:25-25 NKJV, NIV



Do Something Pleasant and Beautiful Today

When we look at the words in the English vocabulary, there are many words that sound pleasant and look beautiful to us. Among such words are ‘pleasant’ and ‘beautiful’ themselves. If then, we turn our eyes from the verbal world and look at the natural world around us, we see many objects that bring delight, consciously or unconsciously, to our senses. A flower in bloom, a snow-capped mountain in the distance, a skein of geese winging to a new destination, a loving old couple walking arm in arm and still enjoying each other’s company. And then again, if we turn our eyes from those reassuring sights, and just focus our senses on listening to the sounds around us, beauty and solace come to us from another dimension. Among the myriad sounds that reach our ears, and filtering through the many that are mere cacophony to our serenity, are those that affirm our contentment in life – the pitter-pattering of a toddler child, the trills of delight from innocent throats running aimlessly in the playground, the sincere praise of one who found beauty and pleasure in something we did for em.

Our Creator, the One who delights in us far more than he or she who loves us most on earth, and finds us more beautiful in his sight than do our mother and father who begot us, than does the one who is united to us in flesh – yes, such a One gets deep pleasure and finds especial beauty when our heart is in a particular state before his dazzling presence. When we praise him from the depths of our heart, at any time, in any place, we can be absolutely certain that our God is finding us more pleasant and beautiful at that moment than at any other time.

Praise the Lord!
For it is good to sing praises to our God;
For it is pleasant, and praise is beautiful.   Ps 147:1



Our Feelings Are Often Our Deadly Enemy

Feelings were created by our God for our utmost pleasure. But when man fell into sin, feelings became man’s second greatest enemy, after the Devil himself. It is only when a person has received the Holy Spirit, does the original purpose of feelings work in es life.

Even in fallen man, feelings have a great role in making es life happier and safer. Such feelings are those relating to falling in love, paternal affection, friendship, thrill in wholesome encounters, and many other positive emotions. But overall, the heart, the generator and harborer of all feelings, in such a person is full of deceit, and desperately wicked. Jer 17:9 It is feelings that incite a man or a woman to anger, hate, lust, pride, jealousy, resentment, murder, rebellion, and all other negative emotions.

In a person begotten of the Holy Spirit, feelings are the greatest tool of both the Devil and our natural man to lead us to temptation. Temptation without feeling is no temptation but only a proposition to the soul. When Jesus was tempted with food after his forty days of fasting, his feeling of hunger was beyond human comprehension. But some temptations are not real temptations, but only propositions because there is no feeling involved. Satan’s temptation of Jesus with all the glory of the world’s kingdoms, was no temptation at all, but only a silly proposition given in a desperate bid. Because there was no feeling in Jesus to have what was offered. Usually, Satan does not bother to lure a person with a temptation for which e has no feelings. For example, if the Devil were to tempt me with a cool offer of a million dollars by some easy fraud, that’s no temptation at all, but a silly thought to me. Similarly, for any temptation that you do not have a feeling for.

But the Devil knows exactly what are the specific feelings you have submerged in your heart. As a Christian, you don’t allow anymore the evil feelings to override your will and cause you to sin. But often, the negative feelings in a Godly person are strong, and there is a struggle to suppress the feelings and act contrary to the natural feelings. Sometimes, the struggle ends in the failure of the will and in the victory of the feelings. An example is when David was overwhelmed by his feelings for Bathsheba while he was pacing about on the terrace of his palace. Think of a case in your own life, where, after you became a Christian, you yielded to your feelings contrary to the injunctions of your will.

I cannot put even a rough estimate of the percentage of good feelings and evil feelings in a Christian. Perhaps, fifty person of the feelings in em are good and fifty percent evil. Perhaps only ten percent of feelings in such a Godly person is positive, and ninety percent evil. The latter is probably the proportion in my case, and probably also in the case of Paul, who cried out against his feelings, ‘O wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death?’ Rm 7:24 ‘Body of death’ is just another term for the powerful feelings of the natural man buried inside our body.

Often, when a strong feeling fills you, and the Holy Spirit gives you discernment that it is not from your ‘I’ but from the sinful man lurking inside you Rm 7:20, the best response is to act exactly the opposite of what your feelings want you to do.

The Lord give you the discernment and the power to always react toward your feelings in perfect accord with your will, which is always directed by the Holy Spirit.



The Lover Who Longs to Hear Your Voice First Thing in the Morning

Have you ever fallen in love? If you have, was it not the most thrilling experience you have ever had until then? Every word your lover speaks to you, every syllable and sigh e utters, every call you get from em, every text you receive from em, they all have your utmost attention and interest, above everything else that happens that day. More than every other desire of the day, you yearn to hear the voice of your lover and feel the passion of es love for you.

With a far greater intensity of desire and thrill of a man or a woman yearning for the sound of es lover’s voice, there is someone waiting to hear your voice and feel your passion first thing in the morning. Our Savior is – more than he is your Lord, more than he is your brother, more than he is your best friend – your yearning lover.

He fell in passionate love with you secretly long before you even knew such a lover existed. And then he began to reveal himself to you slowly, patiently, and you came to see his awesomeness, his power, his glory, his enrapturing beauty. But he was still only your Lord in your heart. Then, over a period of acquaintance, growing companionship, heightening intimacy of friendship, it began to dawn on you he is actually your personal lover, who has been loving you since long before you began to love him. So great is his love for you that he joyfully chose to give up his life to save you from the sentence of eternal death that was pending upon you from the moment of your conception, so that he can enjoy your love for him, your passion for him, and your beauty in his sight, forever and ever.

Look at you, my dearest darling, you are so lovely!
You are beauty itself to me.   Song 1:15 TPT

The one thing I ask of the Lord – the thing I seek most – is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord, filled with awe, delighting in his glory and grace.   Ps 27:4 NLT, NIV, TPT