Harmless Objects Or Accursed Articles Which You Keep in Your House?

God hates everything that has some association with the devil. This could include several decorative articles a person keeps in his house or on es person. After reading this message, look around in your house and in your personal life. Is every object, small and big, that you keep as your possession an item of blessing from our Father in heaven, or is it in some way keeping you in the sway of evil forces?

God’s Plan for Your Life Today

If you love God, and have an innate longing to please him and walk in his ways – no matter how sinful your life presently is – then you belong to the first of the two categories of human beings born since the creation of Adam and Eve.

Why Temptations Don’t Seem To Go Away

Some years ago, I sat down to counsel a middle-aged man whom I have known since his boyhood. He confessed to me that no matter how instantaneously he put certain vile temptations out his mind during his waking hours, when he was asleep filthy scenes ran riot in his dreams, and, overwhelming his desire to flee from the filthy scenes, he almost always found himself indulging in the sinful acts his subconscious mind conjured up.

Yet I will continue to trust my Lord

I have known several men and women in my life, who continue to live since their young days to their present senior age, or who have died, without being supplied many good things in life – people who have always trusted the Lord to supply their needs, who have been good Christians.

The Way of Acceptance

Many, many years ago, when I was a cheery youth, and there was no care in life to weigh me down and no turn of events for me to anticipate except what I dreamed of, I came across an article in the Reader Digest. It was in the late 60s.