Blessings For Your Marriage

Counsels to Keep Your Marriage Safe and Blessed for Life


Unhappy With Your Spouse? Don’t Try to Change Him or Her!
You cannot change your husband or wife, but if you dont give up on your spouse, you can eventually have a marriage happier than you ever dreamed of. This message is for those who are unhappy with their spouse, and for those who are not fully happy with their wife or husband.

The Greatest Danger A Husband Faces In His Marriage
It’s not extramarital affairs anymore. Probably no statistics is available of the real reasons why marriages break up. It is not possible to have one, because the reasons given by divorcees may only be the outward manifestations of the real cause of the breakup.

Husbands, Be An Authority, Not An Authoritarian Over Your Wife
Authority in man is instituted by God for the ultimate good of the woman under his rule. Authoritarianism is usurped by many men in authority to institute their own pleasure above their wife’s wellbeing and happiness.

I Wish I Could’ve Read A Message Like This Before I Married
When I was a young husband, I read a lot of manuals on having a great marriage, written by ‘relationship experts’. I read even more literature and heard numerous sermons by ordained ministers of God on this subject.

When The Feelings Have Gone For the One You Married
The passionate love that a person had for their spouse when they married can wane within a few years, or after many years, to the point that it becomes an emotionless relationship – unless it is deliberately kept aflame continuously.

What Really Happens When A Couple Watch Pornography Together
What exactly is the harm if married couples use a sex video to impassion their own feelings toward each other? They are not participating in any act of adultery, but using it to enhance their own marital life.

Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Those words arent mine. I have borrowed them from the favorite singer of my boyhood days – Elvis Presley. This 1960s’ song was a world hit, and is probably the most loved song among Presley’s fans.

Scent of A Wife
Probably the most delightful of fragrances for me is that of lavender. Everytime its scent reaches me, my thoughts are immediately transported to another dimension, and I could glimpse an infinitesimal vision of Eden restored to full bloom when Christ comes.