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Italy Returning to Fascism

Italy is currently experiencing its most alarming election campaign in decades. Recent days have reminded us how hatred, xenophobia and right-wing extremism are on the rise.

Almost every day, we see stories of ethnic abuse, gatherings of far-right groups and journalists being targeted by fascist groups such as CasaPound or Forza Nuova. And hard-left activists are being physically attacked by their opponents.

This is naturally generating a response from the more antagonistic movements on the left.

Didn’t fascism end in 1945? The truth is that in Europe — and not just in Italy — fascist ideologies never fully disappeared. They have also been able to survive because of post-war public amnesia.

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Pappa’s Comment

Bible prophecy watchers should watch two nations, more than any other in Europe, and they are Italy and Germany. There is a unifying spirit in the hearts of these two peoples. It is the spirit that unified them in World War II, and it is the same spirit that is now working speedily to ally these two nations for the next revival of the Beast’s kingdom. This revived kingdom is not the union of ten nations, as preached by most other Bible teachers. It is the initial phase of the kingdom of the Beast, preceding the kingdom of ten allied nations. This initial kingdom will comprise Assyria and her allies, which are Germany, Italy and other allies, which I will write about subsequently.

Among the first signs of the revival of the Beast’s kingdom is the regrowth of fascism in Germany and Italy. Leaders will rise who will put an end to all immigration, and eventually begin to persecute all the unwelcome people living in their countries. The greatest persecution, of course, will be against the Jews, then the Muslims, and then the Christians who do not belong to the officially approved denominations.

You can expect, in the growing relationship between Italy and Germany, the growing influence of the Pope in the political affairs of both the nations.



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