God’s People, Do Not Choose the Wrong Career

This is a 2-part message that will provide some deep insights to every young man and young woman pondering their career path, and may even provide a new perspective to people who are already well-established in a profession or business.


God’s People, Do Not Choose the Wrong Career –  Part 1

Young Christian, Beware of the Glamor Industry
There is a saying in my native language Malayalam, stated when a person wants to send his milch cow to make love to a stud bull, so he can have the continuity of his milk supply assured when the cow calves again. He says, ‘I want to send her among the crowd’. Probably the saying originated from the fact that the cow is released among a herd of horny bulls waiting to pounce on any of their female kind straying into their midst…  READ MORE

God’s People, Do Not Choose the Wrong Career –  Part 2

Professions and Businesses that An Earnest Christian Should Avoid
Every profession and every business in this world has been infiltrated by Satan. I do not mean taken over by Satan or run by Satan, but affected and tainted by the devil to a greater or lesser extent. There is deception and evil influence – again to a greater or lesser extent – in every sphere of human endeavor…  READ MORE